Arkel's new technology, Arkel Armaxx, will be able to be integrated into building management systems and will support up to 64 stops, and will bring the elevator industry together with new technologies with a double door option with a speed of 6 m/s. Arkel Armaxx, whose design and R&D process has a history of three years, is getting ready to start mass production.

Arkel’s CEO Cenk Ceylan, who shared specific information with News Elevator, said, "We have developed a product that is unique in the world" about Arkel Armaxx. Underlining that Arkel Armaxx, which has the maximum feature with its concept structure that can fit even in narrow wells, is supported up to 64 stops, Ceylan said, "It also includes features such as its speed up to 6 m/s and double door support." Noting that they are directing their work with innovative initiatives, Ceylan said that Arkel Armaxx can work with both internet and sim card support.


Ceylan noted that it is possible to exchange data with Arkel Armaxx; he also underlined that it is supported by the Modbus Protocol used in the industry. Ceylan said, “This is a very fundamental feature. Elevators will now be integrated into the building management system, rather than being a separately managed system in the building as a closed box”.

Ceylan stated that the Arem handheld terminal, which is familiar to Arkel users, has been made suitable for use on mobile phones with the Arem Mobile application in the last year, and said:

“The fact that the hand terminals were physical and connected by cable could cause problems in the field. We have developed a bluetooth-enabled mobile device in Arcode systems. When we installed it on Arcode boards, Arem Mobile could be used. With Arkel Armaxx, we've taken this one step further. Thanks to the WI-FI connection, you can set up Arkel Armaxx with your mobile phone from the Arem Mobile application. After establishing this connection, if you need support from the Arkel technical support centre, our engineers can adjust the parameters of your elevator remotely when they call via the call centre”.


Explaining that Arkel Armaxx allows product customization, Ceylan stated that the system could also meet different function needs. Ceylan said, "For example, it is possible to implement special elevator applications such as adding a firefighter function, making an application related to TS EN 81-28 or activating the Sabbath function in Israel, by licensing."

Explaining the technical advantages of Arkel Armaxx, Ceylan said;

“We have transformed it into a structure that reduces the amount of cables between the door edge service panel and the downhole panel, which was made with the previous classical system. Arkel Armaxx creates many cost advantages such as the labour and the duration of the installation of the elevator, as well as the minimum use of materials. Therefore, we believe that it will accelerate the transition to MRL 2 panel systems, which until now perhaps the industry has not preferred much due to its cost. It is a cosmetically stylish product with a service panel that fits in the frame of the door and its stainless structure. We think that it will be preferred because of its positive effect on the total cost”.

Ceylan said that Arkel Armaxx is expected to sell more than 10 thousand in the global market.


Arkel Elektrik Elektronik After Sales Services Director Hasan Efe

After-Sales Services Director of Arkel Elektrik Elektronik, Hasan Efe, who made a presentation on the technical details of the product, drew attention to the fact that they brought the concept of "integrated system" with Arcode to the elevator industry 10 years ago, and the concept of "monoblock" with Arcube two years ago. “Today, a brand new concept awaits you with its modular structure”, he said. Pointing out that the need for faster and larger elevators will increase, Efe explained that Arkel Armaxx will provide ease of assembly in the most difficult dimensions thanks to its small structure. Efe continued his words as follows:

“Thanks to its advanced call answering algorithms, it will allow you to manage the heaviest traffic in the fastest way possible. In addition, you will be able to quickly commission and set up Arkel Armaxx using only your smart phones, without the need for any other connection or card. In case of difficult problems, technical support teams of Arkel will connect to Arkel Armaxx and will always be there for you to solve the problems quickly. At a time when human resources are increasingly valuable, our need to achieve great things with small teams is increasing. Thanks to its small and light structure, Arkel Armaxx offers ease of installation and assembly with minimum personnel. Thanks to Arkel's unique, understandable and simple menus, you will be able to complete the installation within minutes and make the elevator ready for the first ride”.

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